Towards a healthy bioenergy for biobased industries

Bioenergy Crops provides services to companies that seek to establish biomass supply chains with positive impact. From wetlands and buffers to arable crops, trees, or agroforestry, our cropping models and technical approach combines food production, energy security, social wellness with regenerative management. Our experts will assist your project in any phase of its development.

Feedstock Solutions & Design

Ongoing or new projects based on biomass require knowledge on feedstock, logistics and technology. Bioenergy crops Ltd., helps companies by  providing technical solutions and integration between crops business and environment. Choose the tool that fits best for you:

Feasibility studies

From pre to full feasibility studies, you will be able to take critical decisions and turn on the key materializing your project efficiently.

Project auditing & Due Diligence

When an ongoing business needs third party support, Bioenergy Crops Ltd. will be your most valuable and effective partner.

Rapid appraisal

You will get a high level analysis on several topics of a specific site within a few days allowing you to take quick decisions and save a lot of time before stepping-in.

Land Evaluation and Natural Resources

Learning where to do your first step is what you want to know before starting to build your project. Bioenergy Crops Ltd. will assist your company in the use of Geographical Information System (GIS) analysis and map generations. You will know about land cover, hydrology, topography, sustainability for crops, yield estimations and many other critical parameters allowing you to understand the context before you start allocating capital. Our work will span across a diverse list including:

Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon Management

It is well known that human activity is affecting land quality worldwide, with up to 40% now classed as degraded according to the UN. In the long run, degradation leads to the loss of plants, animal species, climate change and social wellness. Regenerative agricultural models make the difference by restoring soil, increasing biodiversity and improving a circular bio-economy.
We will help you to improve your business environmental actions on the following:

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Feedstock Solutions
& Design

Land Evaluation and Natural

Regenerative agriculture and
Carbon management

Matias Garrido


Matías es sociólogo y doctor en Ciencias Políticas por la Universidad de Buenos Aires y la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, respectivamente. Tiene una amplia experiencia en investigación social y de mercado, relaciones públicas y capacitación en varios países de América Latina, trabajando con Amnistía Internacional y otras organizaciones. Matías fue Director Nacional de Políticas contra la Violencia Institucional en la Secretaría de Derechos Humanos y Pluralismo Cultural de la Argentina de 2016 a 2019. Actualmente, contribuye al desarrollo de cultivos de bioenergía y bioeconomía en países en desarrollo, en línea con los 17 Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.